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DISTRIBUIDORA STEFANNI CH. H, CA, is a company with 100% Venezuelan capital, founded on November 04, 2004, registered in the Mercantile Registry VII of the Judicial District of the Capital District and Miranda State, in its beginnings it was located on Avenida Miguel Otero Silva, Calle el “Manguito” Urbanization Vereda Delgado Chalbaud, local Santo Domingo Local “A” in the Car Parish, Caracas.

In the period 2004-2015, the company consolidated its operations with imports of seafood products from Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador and Vietnam; achieved with the effort of a team of professionals and with a vision of the future, a sustained development of the company.


As of 2015, and after 11 years of work and dedication to the commercialization of seafood products in the national market; looking at the potential needs of our company; we choose to diversify our and services towards new markets; developing new business models that allow us to stay in the national market and be recognized in the international market.

But if it is true that 2015 and 2016 were difficult times for the national economy, where our company suffered the onslaught of the crisis, they were also times to reinvent ourselves as a company; Thus, CONGELADOS ARTICO was born, the commercial reason for Distribuidora Stefanni CH. H. C.A. in order to reach various types of clients with storage and freezing needs of products, as well as everything related to the export of own Venezuelan products and third parties, as well as the import of process inputs for the food industry.



Due to internal changes and in search of new markets and expand our products and services, Distribuidora Stefanni CH. H. C.A., saw as a business opportunity to expand its facilities, for this a plot of land was acquired in 2013 in the city of Guatire, on Av. Intercomunal de Guarenas-Guatire Sector La Hacienda Vega Arriba Guatire del Estado Miranda, work It has a 2,578.42 m2 of land and 1,767 m2 of construction, with capacity to store seafood, poultry, beef and other food. Our warehouse has state-of-the-art technology, which allows to preserve all types of frozen food, without risk of cross contamination at -20 ° C.


This work was completed in its first stage in 2016, and at the end of the year the expansion of the plant began with the construction of the process room with freezing tunnel area and ice plant; work completed at the end of 2017, with an area of 432 m2, for the processing of seafood.
Likewise, the company has an ice plant with a 24-hour production capacity of six (6) tons. What gives us the independence of this product in the market


For 2017, we have several clients providing maquila and storage services for frozen products. In 2018 the company began to export national products such as; Tahalí (Ribbon Fish), Cultivated Shrimp, White Prawn Shrimp, Octopus, Blue Crab, Lobster, among other species, which has generated a flow of foreign exchange for the company and for the Venezuelan State through Agreement 20.


Due to the aforementioned exposed in the previous paragraph, this allows us to give added value to our storage center, since we can provide services to third parties in all frozen food logistics, being able to process any type of seafood and other species .

Adding to product exports, we will make an important financial mix for the company.




By the beginning of 2018, we started the process of exporting seafood, which is now our main source of income; Export of Seafood Products, managing to increase our installed daily processing capacity to 25 thousand kg / day in two shifts, the most important markets we serve are:

*Costa Rica




*Estados Unidos

By 2019, the company is fully certified with the HCCP Standards and FDA certification; We were able to enter the American market, and consolidate the existing destinations; increased our installed capacity to more than 25,000 kg / day of process.


The trajectory of Distribuidora Stefanni CH. H. C.A – Frozen Arctic in the food market, has allowed it over 16 years, to have the permits required by state entities fully in force.

This guarantees the free transit through the national territory of all our raw materials and finished products for export to the international market.


In the raw material processing area, we are processing 25,000 thousand kg per day for a total of 550,000 kg per month.

100% of all this production is stored to be exported to our main destinations USA, Costa Rica, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and soon to the Caribbean Island (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and San Martín) and Japan.


Stefanni CH Distributor. HCA, has wanted to position in the market the commercial brand of Congelados Ártico, which covers all operations of our products and services at a global level, and that it is the reference to everything related to frozen services and process of products of the sea for export.



We have international suppliers specialized in the manufacture of supplies and packaging for our products, which allows us to obtain a final product of international quality to satisfy those of the final consumer.

These supplies and packaging are subjected to a cold test in the process units in order to validate their quality over time. Likewise, the exchange of information with international suppliers allows us to improve our packaging with new technologies and quality of materials.

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